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Parents Give Us Love!

Once families join Zimmer, they're part of our family too. And the relationship lasts for years. We're so grateful to receive a constant stream of feedback and validation of all that we do for the children of Zimmer, from their parents. If you'd like to speak to a Zimmer parent - please contact us.

Dear Malkie,


This email I am writing to you is very bittersweet. I cannot believe that it was Jake's last day at Zimmer school a week ago.  I cannot believe how quickly time passed and how much growth and development and maturity I have seen in Jake in the time which he has attended your school. I can't believe it has been 4 years that I know wholeheartedly God send me to Zimmer. As I said to you before, you had me at hello!  


First and foremost, I want to thank you for providing a loving, safe, warm, and creative learning environment which in turn allowed me to continue my career, help provide for my family and inspire a love for learning that my son cherish and have for life. I cannot thank you enough for that. One of the most difficult aspects of being a new mom and having to go back to work, is the challenge of finding a great school for your child to attend while you work. I can assure you, I went to work with peace and happiness in my heart and that is a feeling that is priceless.  


Secondly, I want to thank you and Rabbi Mendy for making me and my family feel we can be a part of Judaism the best way we knew how, while never making us feel less or judging us. Instead, you made us feel welcome and inspired us to embrace our religion again and single-handedly brought Judaism into our lives! WOW!  I can't express how happy we are and how much we feel at home and that we belong.


In the last four years, not only did we find a great education for our children and we made life long friends. What else could we have asked for?! Both you an Mendy inspire us to be better people and a better married couple. We look up to you for guidance, friendship, and so much more. You are both truly an inspiration!  


With Our Deepest Gratitude and Love,


The Deo Family


This letter is from a dad of a 3.5 year old child who was visiting the USA from an non-English speaking country.




Dear Malkie,


As we arrive at the middle of the school year, we would like to share with you our feelings and impressions with the school. The first weeks were very hard for him to acclimatize, and for the language change. Of course, it was hard for us to see him in such a stress. This is the place to mention the warm attitude Itai got from Zimmer preschool staff. His direct teachers tried to understand him and helped him in every way they could to feel more comfortable. The teachers from other classes also gave much help to Itai by talking to him in his familiar language, by taking him to other classes to see other children. We should also mention the great help of the administrator and you who paid special attention to him as if he was the only child in class.  Furthermore, you and the teachers found the time to let us know, every hour, how he was doing, and we were informed in real time on every little and big changes in his behavior. All these made us, the parents, sure that Itai was in good hands and could make the change, and for him to believe in his abilities.

Little by little with a lot of patience, love, care and a strong belief he could be integrated, Itai has started to enjoy the abundance your preschool is offering in terms of facilities and contents.


During all the hours we have spent behind the doors waiting for Itai to adjust, we were very impressed of how the classes are handled quietly, how the children are happy, how you keep order together with joy, all day long: the music in the halls, the smiles and blessing of all the staff every morning, the original inputs during the day, and above all: the understanding and sensitivity to every single child. Everything is done with a good will and a positive atmosphere. This is something others schools (also where we came from) should learn from your school.


Such an attitude is not obvious at all; your school has the correct balance between human relations (adults and children), deep philosophical ideas and great physical conditions that makes it so special. The school also keeps the right balance in integrating families into the school activities and hence advances communal relations as expected by Chabad center. Every time you have a family activity our other children are so happy to come and enjoy a lot at your school.


We can say  that  finally, after 4 months in preschool class, our son Itai is so happy and cheerful: he is going with big smile and coming back with smile and a happy look in his eyes, for us it is a lot and more. Much of this is thanks to his great teachers whom we had the pleasure to meet closely.


Especially, we appreciate a lot the excellent work that Morah Dena and Morah Chaya are doing in the preschool. First of all they are most welcoming every child every morning with a big smile and good words. They are so relaxed and are open-minded for the children during the day with original and wonderful ideas for input. We really appreciate all the teachers' efforts expressed in very good preparation of the class, in recording every child's progress, in updating the internet site so we could see what is going on during the day, and by contacting us, the parents, by e-mail or a talk after school. It is a very hard and demanding job, and they are doing it perfect. We are very impressed and thankful for all the efforts you are putting in Zimmer School.


Finally, we are happy that, currently, when we come to take Itai back home, we have to wait for him to finish his day, he doesn't want to leave preschool and prefers to stay. He also progresses very well with the language, says many words and sentences and even writes in English. Often, he asks us to keep talking English at home (with emphasize on the correct accent!!!).


We wish to thank you all a lot…



The Mizrahi family

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