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Sample Daily Schedule for the 3’s Class



Our day is a balance of group and individual play, of open-ended creativity and targeted skill-building, of meal time, rest time and “work” time.

9:00 – Table Activities

Children are greeted with stimulating activities set on the tables. We include both Montessori-style Activity Trays, and more open-ended creative activities. These activities may be tied into the yesterday’s interests, or provocations for today’s lessons.


By beginning the day with an individualized play activity, it allows for the fact that children stagger in within a 15 minute range, and can that each child begins the day at her own pace.  


9:30 – Organize (Clean up)

Once all the children are here, we are ready to begin our day as a classroom community. We first clean up from our activity, and help our friends to do the same.


9:35 – Good Morning Circle  

We are now ready to begin the day as a group. We gather on the rug and welcome each other, and acknowledge the gift of this new day. We say, “Modeh Ani. Thank You for this new day.” The children are fresh, open and ready to learn. We use this time to read books that support the unit we are studying, introduce new information, play a group game, projects and share thoughts.  


9:45 – Toiletting, Handwashing

Practicing hygiene routines is important for building life-long good habits.


9:55 – Snack Time

We gather around the table and together with our friends we have a morning snack. We select the daily Classroom Jobs, and once we’re done eating, we pack away our foods and wash up.


10:15 – Learning Centers

The classroom is designed with a variety of learning centers – blocks, puzzles, art, dramatic play, reading, writing, and manipulatives. Children play in small groups in the center of their choice. This time is also used for one-on-one or small group time with the teacher.


11:00 – Sharing Circle

Children learn when they play, and by this point, the children have played a bit. This time allows for children to reflect on what they did during Centers, share it with their friends and take pride in their work.  


11:10 – Organize (Clean up)  

We work together until everything is put away where it belongs


11:20 – Toiletting, Handwashing 

Practicing hygiene routines is important for building life-long good habits. Children use the bathroom and get ready for outdoor play.


11:30 – Outdoor Time

Weather permitting, we outside daily. Alternatively, we use our Indoor Playroom where we ride bikes and do exercise.


12:15 – Lunch 

Children use the bathroom, wash their hands, and prepare for lunch.

We gather around the table for lunch. We begin the meal with a blessing - acknowledging that we are fortunate to have healthy food to eat. When we are done eating, we put away our food, wash up.


12:25 – Story Time, Finger Plays, Yoga  

We gather to read, hear or tell a story - with a book or with small puppets. Sometimes, we do yoga to help calms our bodies and prepares us for rest.


12:45 – Rest Time

In this very busy world we live in, learning to relax and quiet our bodies is an important skill. (Providing a 30-minute naptime is required by NJ State’s law.) With lowered lighting, gentle music, and accompanied by books, children relax quietly. Most children do not fall asleep, however, if a child does fall asleep, we follow parents’ guidance whether to wake them.   


1:15 Toiletting, Handwashing

1:20  Music & Movement or Sports

We exercise our bodies with carefully planned songs and movements. Alternatively, we might engage in quieter, more concentrated play.


1:45 Goodbye Circle 

We regroup on the rug to reflect on our busy day and end with a Goodbye song and a hug.

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