Morah Natasia


Hello my name is Natasia Moreau and I am excited to join the Zimmer Team! I have been working in the childcare field for over five years. I hold a CDA (Child Development Associate)  credential for the care and education of young children and early childhood education.


I believe that the classroom should be a safe, caring community where children are free to speak their mind, explore, blossom, and grow. I will use the strategies I have learned through my experience to ensure our classroom community will learn and flourish! I look forward to bringing this philosophy to my classroom at Zimmer. 

What I love most about working with children is the individual interactions teachers get to have between different children. I love teaching children new things each day, but I also love learning from them. I particularly love when children are able to make connections between what they are learning and their daily lives. It is a joy to help each child grow into their own person! 

My hobbies are hiking, riding bikes, taking nice walks near the Pier, and spending time with my 8-yr old.