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Threes Program:

3 years by October 

Developing the skills to care for one’s body, belongings, and environment

  • Demonstrate independence and self-reliance during meals, dressing, hand-washing, and toileting

  • Choose and engage in an activity from several options

  • Keeps track of personal belongings at school

  • Participate in clean up with decreasing amount of guidance and prompting

  • Follow classroom routines and safety rules

  • Develop increased persistence and patience in approaching tasks

  • Understand and follow verbal 2-3 step directions



Managing emotions in a way that enhances personal growth and social relations

  • Ability to transition into and participate in a group setting

  • Show trust in adults and interest in peers

  • Recognize and verbalize a wide range of emotions

  • Demonstrate increasing impulse control

  • Demonstrate confidence in own abilities

  • Show problem-solving skills

  • Imitate parents and friends

  • Communicates verbally to express social needs and wants

  • Express empathy or caring for others

  • Uses imagination to engage in role play



Listening and responding to words, conversations and stories

  • Increased ability to clearly express ideas and questions

  • Participates in circle time discussions and use new vocabulary

  • Enjoys looking through and listening to books

  • Develops an understanding and ability to come up with rhyming words

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: recognizes some letters

  • Demonstrates an understanding of print concepts (letters have sounds and make up words that can be written and read)

  • Demonstrates increasing phonemic awareness (ability to focus on and manipulate individual sounds)



Building a sense of numbers, shapes and space through manipulation and exploration

  • Identifies colors, shapes and some numbers

  • Places 3-4 picture cards into proper sequence

  • Counts with one-to-one correspondence

  • Increases understanding of numbers values 0-10

  • Corresponds numeral to amount of objects

  • Matches, names and follows simple patterns

  • Orders objects from smallest to largest

  • Describes how items are the same or different

  • Classifies items by similar and different properties (color, size, shape)

  • Uses simple measurement and comparative words (bigger, smaller, tall)

  • Arranges objects with sequence

  • Recognizes and continue patterns



Expressing ideas of self through a variety of mediums

  • Expresses themselves and develop an appreciation for music

  • Develops an appreciation for dance and movement

  • Develops awareness and appreciation for visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpting, mosaics)

  • Begins representational thinking—can create representations to a drawing or building

  • Use different art tools and techniques properly



Developing physical strength, control, and coordination of muscles to accomplish tasks

  • Demonstrates basic motor skills (run, jump, ride tricycle, throw, kick, catch a ball)

  • Climbs up and down on playground equipment

  • Shows increasing ability to balance

  • Manipulates objects

  • Holds scissors properly and move paper while cutting

  • Squeezes appropriate amount of glue

  • Uses pincer grasp to pick-up and manipulate small objects

  • Holds writing and art tools with pincer grasp

  • Makes basic strokes with a pen or marker

  • Demonstrates increasing ability to draw recognizable pictures



Connecting with our community and the environment

  • Identifies unique characteristics of themselves, their families and others

  • Becomes a contributing members of the classroom community

  • Demonstrates awareness of the culture within their classroom and community

  • Develops inquiry skills

  • Observes and investigates living things

  • Understands cause and effect relations

  • History – changes over time, understands stories told happened long ago when life was different

  • All jobs are important; everyone helps out in different ways



Exposure to universal core values through Jewish holidays, stories and traditions

  • Stories, mitzvot and lessons appropriate to each of the Jewish holidays

  • Weekly Shabbat Celebrations, with homemade Challah bread

  • Makes blessings before eating, and to start the day

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