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Toddler Program:

18 months - 36 months

Developing the skills to care for one’s body, belongings, and environment

  • Puts on shoes and coat independently

  • Washes hands independently

  • Shows interest in toileting

  • Learns healthy table manners, sitting while eating and cleaning up after self

  • Packs away toys and belongings when finished engaging

  • Transitions well between activities




Managing emotions in a way that enhances personal growth and social relations

  • Extends oneself and tries to make friends with classmates and teachers

  • Learns early social skills such as turn taking, sharing,

  • Shows awareness of other’s feelings and may try to comfort another

  • Begins to label own feelings, wants and needs and asserts themselves.

  • Begin to work on conflict resolution with the help of a teacher

  • Participate in large group and small group settings




Listening and responding to words, conversations and stories

  • Vocabulary continues to expand and begins to expresses ideas in multiple word sentences

  • Understands and follows 1 and 2 step directions

  • Displays a joy of reading, being read to, and begins to tell stories

  • Repeats poems and participates in songs and rhymes

  • Begin drawing representational work and explains their work




Building a sense of numbers, shapes and space through manipulation and exploration

  • Completes puzzles focusing on differentiating shape and size

  • Fills, pours, sprinkles, and begins to practice measurement

  • Sings rote counting until 10, knowing the

  • Attempts to follow simple patterns using beading, pegs and other manipulatives  




Expressing ideas of self through a variety of mediums

  • Enjoys singing out loud a repertoire of songs

  • Engages with musical instruments and listens to the various sounds

  • Participates in finger and body movement song activities

  • Creates nonrepresentational art using various art mediums

  • Plays dramatic play to act out familiar situations taking on different roles and using props




Developing physical strength, control, and coordination of muscles to accomplish tasks

  • Rolls, crawls, creeps, tiptoes, jumps, runs, bends and climbs, moving swiftly and precisely.

  • Uses whole body to push and pull objects

  • Moves body on hands and knees pretending to be various animals

  • Kicks a ball, rides a tricycle, throws ball overhand,

  • Enjoys various finger activities such as threading, scribbling, beading and finger songs

  • Rolls, pounds, squeezes and pulls clay




Connecting with our community and the environment

  • Begins to express observations of world around self

  • Participates in outdoor play and discovery

  • Interacts with fellow classmates and looks forward to being with others

  • Begins work on conflict resolution and learns language of caring for others




Exposure to universal core values through Jewish holidays, stories and traditions

  • Stories, mitzvot and lessons appropriate to each of the Jewish holidays

  • Weekly Shabbat Celebrations, with homemade Challah bread

  • Makes blessings before eating, and to start the day

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