Hello! I'm MONIKA WASILCZUK-VASQUEZ. Zimmer School has been my second home for fifteen years, until Covid compelled my family to move out of state.  


I graduated from Kean University with honors with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Earth Science. I hold two NJ Teaching Certificates. Over the years, I have taught nearly every age group here at Zimmer – from toddlers through kindergarten – and love each stage! 


I absolutely love Zimmer’s methodology (even coining the expression “to be Zimmer-ized” as a description of a teacher who embodies Zimmer’s unique blend of kindness, creativity, intentionality and pursuit of excellence). Our curriculum is authentic and tailored to the children's interests and strengths. I also love that our school aims to educate the “whole” child and in addition to skills, also focuses on teaching universal core values such as kindness and responsibility, as well as fostering self-esteem and independence.


I aim to create a safe, welcoming environment, involve children in hands-on activities, value their unique voices and strengths, help them through struggles and teach skills in fun, differentiated ways. My passion for teaching comes from wanting to be the kind of teacher I would want for my own children. (Indeed, both my daughters are graduates of Zimmer, and will be joining me as Junior Counselors.)  


I am looking forward to an exhilarating summer!