I'm Karl Frihart, and I am the Director here at Zimmer. 

I have worked in Early Education for over 15 years.  I spent the first part of my career in the field as a teacher and enjoyed every minute of working with children, helping them grow and develop as individuals.  For the last 8 years I have worked on the administrative side in Early Education. 


Along the way, I have developed a robust understanding of the important roll each member of the staffing team brings to a successful school.  What initially drew me to Early Education was the knowledge that my work has a positive impact on all the children in my classroom.  Through the years, I realized that this work not only helps shape the future of each child but also the lives of each family.  As an administrator, that impact stretches beyond just the children and families, too also each teacher by helping them grow as educators.


In my free time I enjoy exploring New Jersey with my wife and two sons, and traveling to experience different customs, cultures, and histories!

A Learning Community for Infants through 1st Grade,
School Year and Summer, with Before and Late Care


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